Our conductor, Margaret Cozens is an experienced Singing Teacher and Vocal Coach working in the Southend area.

In addition to conducting the Fidelio Singers, she is qualified as a Singing Teacher with the Royal Academy of Music and prepares students for examinations up to professional Diploma level, Music Theatre and competitive Festivals. Many of her students are now working as music teachers, choir trainers and successful performers.

After a refresher Course sponsored by the Association of Singing Teachers she received the following report:-
“Mrs Cozens is an experienced Vocal Teacher and her work in schools and as a Private Teacher have given her a broad base of information and practical experience which helps her to get at the root of vocal problems quickly. She also displays considerable knowledge of vocal physiology and is able to pass this on in understandable and practical terminology. I would not hesitate in sending students to her for instruction. Working with her was a distinct pleasure.”

Our accompanist,
Janet Walker is an experience pianist and teacher.